Volvo S60 Concept Interior
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Volvo will be unveiling a concept version that will form the basis for its next generation Volvo S60 next year at the Detroit International Motor Show, but it wants to teaser us first with this shot of the interior. That glassy material that the center dash stack is made of is actually crystal, crafted by 110-year old company Orrefors.

Interestingly, the crystal stack extends all the way to the rear passenger bench, effectively turning the car into a 4-seater. Its not known whether the S60 will end up being one of those 4-seater coupe-sedans or not, but probably not as Volvo has indicated in the past that the new S60 will be a proper premium C-segment contender to face the 3-Series, A4 and the C-Class. And that brings us to the S40… what is it exactly? It seems the current 2nd gen facelifted S40 will continue positioned lower in the market.

One interesting bit you can see in the concept interior is the gear lever, which seems to be L-shaped like a fighter jet’s throttle. This is the automatic mode where you shift it into P-R-N-D, etc. You can actually flip the gear lever up so it stands up vertically instead of being a horizontal L-shape. In this mode, you can use the lever to manually shift the car.