Marangoni M430 Alfa Romeo MiTo

This is the Marangoni M430 Alfa Romeo Mi.To. First the bad, this car is just pure risotto, which is a completely random term that I’m going to use for an Italian ricer car. Overdone bodykit, glaring two-tone paint, random decals, scissor doors, huge 18 inch wheels with red tyres for red burn-out smoke – you name it, it’s got it! And what’s M430 supposed to mean anyway, a homage to the Ferrari F430?

But what’s hot is what’s under the hood. The standard 150hp output of the 1.4 litre turbocharged T-JET engine under the Alfa Romeo Mi.To’s engine hood has been boosted to a Golf GTI-beating 220 horsepower! This is a tiny 1.4 litre engine that actually makes more power than the 4.0 litre V6 in the new Ford Mustang.

We can actually buy a car that has this engine in Malaysia, the Fiat Bravo GT. This should really tickle the interest of Bravo GT owners, a potential 220hp plus a manual transmission would be really fun.

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