BMW Premium Selection

BMW Malaysia is now offering the BMW Premium Selection in Malaysia, which is a approved used car program. A BMW Premium Selection car must have an approved and documented vehicle history, pass a 72-point check, and must be less than 5 years old or less than 100,000km of mileage. The cars will be visually and technically refurbished before being put on sale.

Among the items on the checklist include a body check for visible signs of accident damage, check paint for defects, check tyre for minimum 3mm tread across entire width including spare wheel, check complete brake system, check shock absorbers, check battery and electrical systems, check mirrors, windows sunroof, central locking and interior lights, check seat belts, check fluid levels, check clutch, brakes and transmission, check wiper blade and washing system and a test drive for performance and noise.

The cars will come with a 1 year or 25,000km warranty, a 1 year or 25,000km free scheduled condition-based servicing plan, a 24 hour roadside assistance plan, and financing can be obtained from BMW Credit.

BMW Premium Selection

A quick check with the car location function on BMW Malaysia’s website reveals some BMW 320i less than a year old sold at under RM200k, and a delicious 1 year old black BMW M3 Coupe with a red interior is going for RM588,000.

The first BMW showroom in Malaysia to offer the BMW Premium Selection is the Auto Bavaria Glenmarie showroom. The BMW Premium Selection showroom is a 2-floor, 28,000 square feet building built next to the existing Auto Bavaria Glenmarie 4S center.

This is quite obviously a direct attack at the grey importers that have been enjoying the benefits of BMW Malaysia building its brand here in Malaysia. Did you know that 13,760 premium cars were registered in 2007 but over 6,000 units out of that were registered by grey importers? According to BMW MD Geoffrey Briscoe, a customer that buys a grey import BMW puts themselves at risk because the cars may not have been designed for Malaysian climate, have no service history and may be dubious documentation. The BMW Premium Selection is a more “legitimate” means to owning a BMW if you do not want to fork out the full price for a brand new BMW Malaysia car.