Shuanghuan CEO

Honda, who has slammed lithium ion batteries in the past for not being suitable for production usage in automobiles, has signed an agreement to set up a joint venture with GS Yuasa Corporation to develop and manufacture high-performance lithium ion batteries for hybrid automobiles. I guess they want to take matters into their own hands and make a lithium ion battery that conforms to their specifications of what an automotive-grade lithium ion battery should be!

The JV company’s initial capital investment of 15 billion yen will be a 51:49 split between GS Yuasa and Honda. The JV will be based in Minami-ku, Kyoto, and a factory is planned to be built at GS Yuasa’s existing Osadano site in Kyoto. The new company’s name is yet to be determined.

The company will also manufacture batteries based on the GS Yuasa EH6, an existing lithium ion battery. This could be the battery that’ll power Honda’s first li-ion hybrid.