2010 Cadillac SRX

Cadillac has updated its SRX crossover SUV and it is now in its second generation since first introduced in 2004. The mid-sized Caddy SUV now looks more dynamic and in tune with current design trends, unlike the first gen which had a slightly boxy look that reminds you of a Dodge.

Two engines are available – a normally aspirated direct injected V6 and a more powerful turbocharged 2.8 litre V6. No SRX-V yet, but looking at how BMW is rushing to make M versions of their SUVs, I won’t be surprised if we see the introduction of a SRX-V, perhaps with the CTS-V’s 550+ hp LS V8 engine under the hood?

The 3.0 litre V6 is a downsized version of the 3.6 litre unit in the Cadillac CTS, which was named one of the world’s 10 best engines for 2009 according to Ward’s Auto. It’s equipped with the latest fuel-sipping technology such as variable valve timing and direct injection, and is paired to a 6-speed Hydra-Matic 6T70 6-speed automatic transmission. The more powerful engine is the 2.8 litre turbocharged V6 that puts out 300 horsepower and 400Nm of torque, similiar figures to BMW’s turbo inline-6.

To help with fuel economy, all-wheel drive is not a standard feature so customers who do not want or need it can opt for a two wheel drive version that sheds the AWD system’s heavy equipment. But for those who opt for all-wheel drive power, it is also equipped with an eLSD at the rear, which helps with torque distribution for maximum traction. There is also a real-time adjustable damping system which can vary the suspension’s parameters on the fly in response to road conditions.

Please check out a full high res gallery after the jump. Personally to me this is just another SUV from an American company, but I’m glad this article is coming to an end because the vehicle’s name is pretty hard to type, considering how R and E are next to each other on the keyboard! :P