This second video from the Honda Power of Dreams series of documentaries poses some interesting questions. What would personal transportation be like 80 years from now? Yes, not 8 years but 80 years.

A few folks were asked these questions and there answers were quite expected. You have stuff like flying cars, individual space craft, personal helicopters, and even teleportation and magnetic levitation. Someone’s idea was walking – yup 80 years from now we’d just go back to our origins and walk everywhere, it’s exercise and good for health after all.

The video then looks back on what a bad idea the internal combustion engine was in the long run, and points out that the new car of the future has to make our existing cars look like land lines compared to cell phones. It should make you ask yourself why would you ever use a landline anymore when you’ve now got cellphones. Of course being a Honda video, there are plugs for the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuelcell car inserted :P

Anyway, how about you? How do you think human transportation will be like in the decades to come? Watch the video after the jump.

Video: Mobility in 2088