Porsche Exhaust System
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More and more car manufacturers especially those at the higher end of the price range are entering the aftermarket modification domain, traditionally serviced by the likes of Hamann and etc. Porsche is now selling an optional sports exhaust system for the Porsche 911 Carrera and Targa 4 that goes on sale from February 2009 onwards.

The exhaust system has a quad tailpipe layout and each main silencer has a flap that is activated by the engine’s ECU. A driver can press a “sound mode” button on the center console to vary the sound of the exhaust and switch over to a more sporty sound which is activated by the flap.

The 911’s sporty exhaust system retails for 1,610 Euros including taxes in Europe, or US$ 2,500 in the US. While it will only be available from the factory with new purchases in February, an aftermarkat fitment option will be available from April 2009 onwards.