Maxximus G-Force

The Maxximus G-Force accelerates from 0 to 60mph (96.6km/h) in just 2.1 seconds. If you want to get to 161km/h, that’s takes just 4.54 seconds, faster than some automatic transmission cars take just to get 1st gear done with and get to 2nd gear.

Braking power is equally impressive – 0 to 161km/h and back to 0 takes 8.86 seconds. Now that beats the Bugatti Veyron’s 0 to 60mph time of 2.46 seconds, and the 0-100-0mph time of 9.9 seconds.

As for top speed, there are no official quotes yet but it will have to beat the SSC Ultimate Aero TT record holder which has touched 257mph (413.6km/h), thanks to its 1,287hp 6.35 litre twin-turbo V8 with 1507Nm of torque.

The Maxximus G-Force’s engine sounds even more massive – a 7.0 litre twin-turbo V8 built by Chevrolet that they claim to be putting out a scary 2,100 horsepower (1,600 at the wheels claimed) thanks to its Turbonetics turbochargers. Since the car is supposed to be lighter than the Ultimate Aero TT, it may just surpass the Aero TT’s top speed and hold the new record for the faster street-legal car around.

The men behind the car are an Indiana businessman financier David McMahan and a race car-driving chauffeur designer, Marlon Kirby. The price for one of these? US$3 million. The car is based on the Ultima GTR 720 but with the engine and gearbox replaced by the new units. And it’s just insane.

Maxximus G-Force

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