Chrysler Fiat Business Plan
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Chrysler has unveiled their business restructuring plan for submission to the US government in order to quality for the rest of their bailout money. The total money asked for us now US$9 billion, up US$2 billion from the original US$7 billion amount, of which they have already received US$4 billion. Anyway that is not the point, what we’re here to look at is how they plan to integrate Fiat models into their product line-up.

Chrysler will be grabbing 9 models for the US market together with Fiat’s Multi-Air engines (FIRE and FAMB), commonrail turbodiesel engine technology and a dual clutch transmission. Chrysler will be able to supply Fiat with the Dodge Journey, the GEMA world engine with displacements between 1.8 litres to 2.4 litres, and the Phoenix family 3.6 litre V6 engine. The 9 Fiat models include models that will be sold as their original brands which are the Fiat 500, the Alfa Romeo Mito, the Fiat Punto, the Alfa Milano and Giulia (149 and C-EVO based 159 replacement), and an unnamed Alfa crossover.

The other three will use Fiat underpinings but will be Chrysler-branded vehicles: a B-segment 5-door hatchback, a sedan based on the 159’s C-EVO platform, and a larger vehicle based on the D-EVO platform.

Of course whether this will all happen or not depends on whether Chrysler gets the bailout money. Fiat will only confirm its on board with a share take-up (for free!) if that happens.