Rolls-Royce 200EX Concept

This is Rolls-Royce’s new 200EX concept car, which is set to be unveiled to the public for the first time at the Geneva Motorshow early next month. This car has gone by various names in the last few months, the 200EX, the RR4, these are all codenames for the production version which has yet to be named in public.

Despite this being a concept, it should look very similiar to the production model, something that the BMW Group has been known for doing for their last few concept cars. BMW promises that this “baby” Rolls-Royce will ride as well as traditional Rolls-Royce models such as the Phantom, and it will even use an air suspension like in the Phantom. This model is based on some components from the long wheelbase F02 7-Series chassis, which only has air springs at the rear.

Rolls-Royce 200EX Concept

It will have its own height, length and wheelbase, unique to the car and not shared with any other model. Its wheelbase of 3295mm is longer than the LWB 7-Series F02’s 3,210mm, but shorter than the Phantom’s massive 3,571mm wheelbase. Not sure whether the F01/F02’s rear wheel steering will make it into this vehicle or not, but if the whole idea is a more compact Rolls with a more engaging drive I don’t see why the rear wheel steering system won’t fit the bill.

Under the hood will be a new BMW V12 engine which will also debut in the 760i, and some publications have reported a 6-speed auto, so I have no idea what happened to that 8-speed automatic transmission that was supposed to be sourced from ZF. While we enjoy the concept for now, BMW is still working hard on a production version which will be revealed later this year at the Frankfurt show.

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