Pininfarina attended the Geneva Motor Show this year with its BLUECAR electric vehicle which is expected to go into production by 2011. Developed with Bollore, a French-based industrial group, the BLUECAR is a 4-seater compact MPV that is powered by a Lythium Metal Polymere (LMP) battery pack which is able to help the electric car to offer 250 kilometers in terms of driving range over a full charge.

The maintenance-free with a 200,000 kilometers life span battery pack can be recharged via a 230V house hold power outlet. With construction materials, battery and interior trim carefully selected for their low environmental impact, the BLUECAR also comes with climate control, audio system, GPS, portable phone, drive management mode (environment, sport or ice) as well as a remote control incorporated in the portable phone allows you to monitor the state of the battery and trigger its pre-heating so that the vehicle is immediately ready to start, even after it has been parked a long time.

The BLUECAR also has solar panels mounted on the hood that help draw energy into the battery pack. The auto maker also revealed that it forecasts a production output of 60,000 by 2015.