R57 MINI Cabriolet

Hot after the new MINI Cabriolet (or Convertible, depending on the country you’re in) launch early this year is its Malaysian debut for RM 235,000 OTR without insurance and without MINI tlc package).

The MINI Cabriolet continues to use a soft top and now features larger side windows and a new retractable rollbar to help improve driver’s visibility. The rollbar moves up and down as required to help offer the driver an unrestricted rear visibility. The soft top comes down in just 15 seconds, and the Malaysian spec car comes with the Always-Open Timer as standard, which shows the driver the time they’ve spent driving with the roof down. This is supposed to encourage open air motoring as much as possible, which I hope is why you slurged the extra cash on the Cabriolet over the regular MINI in the first place.

Unlike the Cooper and Clubman which are available with both the regular and the turbocharged S versions, the Cabriolet comes only with the normally aspirated 1.6 litre for now, putting out 120 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 160Nm of torque at 4,250rpm with the help of Valvetronic.

Check out a full gallery and some videos of the new R57 Cabrio after the jump. There’s a new promo clip called “Radical Maneuver” as well as a “Making Of” video… I don’t recommend you perform the stunts in the video in real life!