Lexus HUD

The latest generation Lexus RX450h now features a heads-up display which can present vehicle speed, navigation arrow view directions, audio information and warning messages from various systems like the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) systems.

In the UK market, it is standard equipment on the RX450h SE-L Premium, and it’s display position and lighting intensity can be adjusted according to ambient light via controls near the steering wheel. The Lexus HUD system uses white as the colour for the HUD display, a colour that is rarely used because of its tendency to blend with the exterior background. Lexus went around this by using high intensity LEDs. They then tested it out on the snow-covered roads of Hokkaido.

They probably insisted on having it white to maintain a consistent look with the rest of the instrument lighting, which is white. As far as I know there is no HUD on the RX offered in Malaysia, which is the RX350 model.