Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400

Mitsubishi Motors UK has finally added the FQ-400 to its Lancer Evolution X range. The Lancer Evolution X FQ-400’s 2.0 litre engine puts out 403 horsepower at 6,500rpm and 525Nm of torque from just 3,500rpm, and it gets up to 100km/h in a scorching fast estimated 3.8 seconds.

So what’s changed in the engine department to allow it to produce the higher power and torque? Well firstly motorsport specification high-flow fuel injectors have been fitted, along with a new turbocharger that features low-friction bearings, a high temperature turbine and a strengthened thrust bearing to increase response and reduce turbo lag.

A better intercooler has also been fitted, and the exhaust system now has a 3 inch diameter high flow stainless steel pipe which exits in the middle of the rear bumper. The ECU has been reprogrammed to take advantage of all the new hardware and this took over 500 hours of development time.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400

The Evo X also has some aesthetic changes on the outside. Wheels are 18 inch 9-spoke lightweight alloys wrapped with Toyo Proxes R1R tyres. There is a new vented bonnet and a new lightweight composite front bumper with carbon fibre elements. The Bilstein shock and Eibach spring suspension’s ride height has been dropped by 30mm at the front. The rear bumper has also been restyled with a carbon fiber diffuser, and in the middle of the diffuser you will find the central exit exhaust tailpipe.

Like the previous top of the line FQ-360, the car comes with a manual as it is likely the 6-speed twin clutch SST cannot take the high torque that the FQ-400 puts out. The FQ-300 and FQ-330 have SST models though, with the FQ-330 SST only just recently added as the original line-up only specified SST on the FQ-300.

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