Toyota Auto Museum

The Toyota Automobile Museum in Nagoya was built by the Japanese car company to commemorate the history of the automobile. It isn’t just a building full of Toyota cars – it’s full of cars from as early as 1902! Interestingly the 1902 car is the Baker Electric, which had a 1 horsepower electric motor and took it up to 40km/h.

There is also a charcoal gas-powered Buick replica which was quite interesting to check out. It started off as a regular 1937 Buick but was converted to use charcoal, as per the norm back during the days of World War II in Japan. Import of petrol into the country was restricted and many cars were converted into alternative energy cars powered by charcoal gas, wood gas, natural gas, etc.

There’s a whole list of cars on display here. Look after the jump for a whole live photo gallery of the museum.

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