Well, it’s been a few days now since the government have officially restructured the price and grade structure of our fuel. RON95 now costs RM1.80, the same price as RON97 before anyone attempted to ‘fix’ the system, while RON97 is now RM2.05.

Fuel Wallet GaugeFor those of you who still want to continue pumping RON97 if your car requires the higher octane, are you having luck finding the fuel where you stay or work?

In my neighbourhood, there are only Petronas stations and one lone Shell whose fuel pumps are really slow. So to save time, I usually pump Petronas as the station gets the fuel into my tank faster. Unfortunately, RON97 sale at my station seems to have halted for the time being.

This is just speculation at the moment (though there have been some whispers that there is truth to this), but hopefully that the temporary halt of RON97 sales means a new and better fuel is coming on the way for Petronas to take the place of Primax 3. But for now, let’s share our experiences pumping RON95 in our car.

What car are you using, and which RON95 did you pump? Have you noticed any changes to the way your car drives and how your engine bay sounds? And if yes, have the changes you’ve experienced been positive or negative so far? For those who experience better or worse fuel economy, please share what are the differences in terms of km per litre or litre per 100km, whichever you are more comfortable with.

Sometimes if your car does not have high octane requirements, switching from a RON97 fuel with an inferior additive mix to a RON95 fuel with a superior additive mix may have a positive effect. Of course you need not remind that in the first place we were supposed to have a positive effect on our wallet but no longer as the new RON95 is the same price as the old RON97.