MUFORS LogoIt’s 09/09/09 today – a number that means different things for different people but in the context of the Malaysian motorist its MUFORS Road Safety day, part of the Malaysians United For Road Safety (MUFORS) project.

So when you’re rushing home to buka puasa from your office later please remember to drive safely. It’s going to be jammed for sure, but please stay patient. Have something light and refreshing to buka puasa in your car. Don’t jump queues and red lights.

Some of you have made your pledge earlier. Those who have made pledges are supposed to carry out their pledges today as a symbolic thing but in reality you should be practicing good road habits all the time and not only just today. My car is in the workshop so I won’t be doing any driving today – easiest way of carrying out my pledge I guess!

Of course other than a way to submit your pledges there is a also an online poll on the MUFORS site where Malaysian motorists can vote for their most annoying Malaysian road habits. Here are the top 5 results so far as of time of publishing:

  • Drivers who don’t use their indicators – 11.7%
  • Aggressive tail gating – 11.4%
  • Mat Rempits – 9.1%
  • Road hoggers – 8.6%
  • Driving on emergency lanes – 6.9%

The MUFORS project is definitely timely as it’s Balik Kampung season soon and the volume of traffic on the highways will be high. Long journeys will take a toll on the driver (no reference to the actual tolls) so be sure to take breaks if you’re tired.

For those who are eagerly waiting to see if you’ve managed to win a fresh new set of Duraplus tyres from Goodyear, all entries have been sent to Goodyear Malaysia and they’re picking the winner now :) Good luck guys!