BHPetrolBHPetrol has launched its new BHPetrol infiniti Diesel fuel and it is now available at all service stations, which amount to over 300 currently. infiniti Diesel complies with the new Euro 2M standards, which means a maximum of 500ppm of sulphur compared to last month’s MS123 standard diesel fuel which called for a maximum of 3,000ppm of sulphur.

A Diesel Performance Additive Package from a leading chemical company is used to give infiniti Diesel anti-corrosion (for engine protection) and foam inhibitor (for easy fill-up) properties as well as improve mileage. The additive also contains a key detergent ingredient called HR-PIB or Highly Reactive Polyisobutene Succinimide which can clean deposits in the engine.

This additive package has been added to the fuel at the chemical company’s recommended maximum dose rate, which offers double the cleaning power against typical surveyed European branded diesel. This was the findings of tests on the 1.9 litre Peugeot XUD9 diesel engine, which is apparently a standard European test.

infiniti Diesel goes for the standard price of RM1.70 per litre.