Hamann Largo

Can you imagine 265 horsepower and 348Nm of torque in a small Fiat 500? Hamann has managed to do it, but unfortunately the base car is the 500 Abarth so you won’t be able to apply this kit to the 500 sold here in Malaysia.

But I suppose it’s nice for the larger Bravo GT’s owners knowing that the 1.4 litre T-JET engine is capable of such power outputs. The 265 horses is achieved at 5,630rpm while you will have to wait longer for the massive torque as it is only achieved at 4,200rpm.

This Hamann 500 (which they’ve called the Hamann Largo) is going to be one scary car indeed – that amount of power and torque in such a small car beats both the Cooper S and Cooper JCW flat. But er, if it were up to me, I’m gonna go for the power upgrade, the brakes, and skip the bodykit.

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