Honda CR-V Facelift

Though we’ve already seen the new CR-V in full after the European and US offices released details and pix of the car earlier, our CR-V is very likely to have more in common with the Japanese version (for the real deal, gotta look at the ASEAN market versions) rather than the Euro or US cars.

Honda CR-V Facelift

The shots I found of the Japanese facelifted CR-V shows certain models with wood interiors – I must say it gives the SUV a completely different look and feel on the inside even though the basic design and shapes are just the same.

Honda CR-V Facelift

Look after the jump for galleries of the Japanese facelifted CR-V and the previously published album of the US version. Aren’t you glad we don’t get the outdated-looking USDM amber turn signals instead of our modern transparent signal indicators? Apparently the US DOT requires amber coloured reflectors at the front but somehow have no qualms about having red turn signals at the rear.

I’ve seen cars in the US where the manufacturer had to add an ugly orange sticker onto the body near the headlamps (look at this photo of the new 7-Series) because they didn’t want to produce a different amber lense design, probably for cost cutting purposes.

GALLERY: Honda CR-V Facelift Japan Debut

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GALLERY: Honda CR-V Facelift US Debut

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