Litespeed F3 Team
Litespeed F3 Team

The Lotus F1 Team put out a press ad in the sports section of The Star yesterday listing various positions to be filled in the team. The list is quite extensive and all you have to do is email your CV and cover letter to

A quick glimpse at shows it doesn’t really have much content yet. The domain lists ex-Lotus employee and Litespeed co-founder Nino Singh Judge as the admin and technical contact.

  • Aerodynamics – Project Leader Aerodynamics, Junior Aerodynamicist, Head of CFD, CFD Engineer.
  • Composites Design – Head of Composite Design, Senior / Junior Composite Designer, Composite Engineer.
  • Composite – Head of Composite Layup Shop, Senior / Junior Layup Technician, Head of Composite Trim Shop, Senior / Junior Trim Shop Technician
  • Electronics – Head of Electronics, Senior / Junior Electronics Engineer, Senior Control Engineer, Control Software Engineer
  • Factory – Factory Manager, Senior / Junior Maintenance
  • Gearbox Design – Head of Gearbox Design, Senior / Junior Gearbox Design
  • Gearbox Assembly – Head of Gearbox Shop, Race Gearbox Technician
  • Hydraulics – Head of Hydraulics Shop, Race Hydraulics Technician, Test Hydraulics Technician
  • Mechanical Production – Head of Mechanical Production, Senior / Junior Machinist, Fabricator
  • Mechanical Design – Head of Mechanical Design, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Senior Mechanical Designer
  • Pattern Shop – Head of Pattern Shop, Senior / Junior Pattern Maker
  • Production, Production Control and Purchasing – Head of Production, Senior Production Engineer, Mechanical Buyer, Composite Buyer, General Buyer, Aerodynamics Buyer
  • Quality Control & Inspection – Head of Inspection, Senior / Junior Inspection Technician
  • Design Office – Drawing Office Manager
  • R&D – Head of R&D, Senior R&D Engineer, Senior R&D Technician
  • Race Engineering – Test Engineer, Race Data Engineer, Test Data Engineer, Aero Support Engineer
  • Race & Test – Logistic Manager, Race & Test Travel Secretary, Clothing & Team Gear
  • Race Team – Race Chief Mechanic, Race Parts Mechanic
  • Stress Analysis – Senior / Junior FEA Engineer
  • Sub Assembly – Head of Sub Assembly, Sub Assembly Technician
  • Test Team – Test Chief Mechanic, Test Part Mechanic, Test Team Truckie, Test Team Mechanic
  • Vehicle Science – Head of Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Senior / Junior Software Engineer
  • Marketing & PR – Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Tri-lingual Website Designers, Graphic Designers, Executive Assistant, Business Development Manager, Sponsorship Manager, Sponsor Account Manager, Head of PR / Tri-Lingual PR Officer, Press Officer, Hospitality Coordinator
  • Finance – Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Finance Executive
  • Legal – Head of Legal, Legal Manager, Legal Executive
  • HR – Head of HR, HR Manager, HR Executive
  • IT – Head of Information Technology, CAD Manager, Senior IT Engineer, Race IT Engineer, Test IT Engineer, IT Technician

It’s not really clear at the moment whether all jobs are available immediately. I have a feeling alot of the positions would probably already be filled by Litespeed F3 engineers. The Aerodynamics and Gearbox department will probably have to deal with FondTech and Xtrac respectively as when the team was announced, they were mentioned as suppliers to the team. Cosworth will be supplying the engine. I think what Malaysian can immediately look out for are the Marketing & PR, Finance, HR and Legal departments.