Toyota FT-86 Advics Brakes

The business of selling cars is not so much of just selling cars but also by selling the parts required to maintain or enhance them. The aftermarket business is a lucrative one and more and more car manufacturers are starting to cash in. As more people start to keep their cars longer, the money lost in new car sales will be made up in the aftermarket parts sales. But aftermarket performance parts can only go so far with a product range that’s mostly focused on cars that are designed to go A to B while consuming the least amount of fuel as possible. There’s just not much excitement in it.

Which is what I think the production car based on the Toyota FT-86 Concept is designed to do – make some money off you once when you buy the car, and then continue to make money while you pimp up your car with various performance and aesthetics parts, which Toyota probably hopes you’ll buy from them or one of their associate companies. A normally aspirated 2.0 litre engine – boxer or not – will only go so far when it comes to the amount of power it can put out while remaining refined. There will surely be many that will be looking for turbocharger or supercharger kits for the engine.

In addition, when the FT-86 Concept was first announced, they specifically said it had Advics brakes. It was just announced earlier this month that Toyota-owned Advics was acquiring two brake units from Aisin to expand its brake businesses. I have a feeling Advics may be looking to build upon its brand name as one provider of high-performance brakes like Brembo.

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