Renault-Nissan’s electric car battery production site will be in Portugal. The new plant, which will manufacture lithium-ion batteries for the Alliance’s upcoming electric cars, will be located at the Renault CACIA industrial complex in Aveiro, 250km north of Lisbon. Nissan will be forking out €160 million for the project. Construction will start next year with production commencing in 2012. Projected annual capacity is 50,000 units.

The host country will work with Renault-Nissan to implement a zero emission mobility program from 2010. In this plan, the latter will supply its electric vehicles from January 2011, while the Portuguese government will set up a network of 1,300 recharging stations across the country over two years.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance – the world’s third largest automotive group by volume – is postinioning itself as a leader in the electric vehicle movement. Starting with the Nissan LEAF in late 2010, it has already announced plans for seven EVs to be mass marketed under Renault, Nissan and Infiniti brands. In addition to Portugal, the Alliance has also confirmed battery production locations in France, Japan, USA and UK.