edo gallardo lp600/4

Many tuners claim to improve on perfection, but this tweaked Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 looks rather credible. Tuned by German based Edo Competition, who is no stranger to tinkering with Italian exotica, it now bears some new numbers: 600/4.

No prizes for guessing that Edo’s Gallardo has 600 horsepower from the standard car’s 560. This is matched with higher torque, from 540Nm to 572Nm. The result of this added grunt is a top speed increased by 15km/h to 340km/h while 0-100km/h acceleration is shaved by 0.2sec to 3.5 seconds. No mention on where these gains were from, though.

Besides the improved figures, a sport suspension set adjustable in compression and rebound damping comes in; this track/high-speed oval/road tested system comes with low friction shock absorbers and new spring rates. A confident Edo says that “the result has to be experienced to be believed.”

Sound is a vital appeal for Lambos and Edo’s new stainless steel exhaust system with butterfly valves allows noise level adjustment via remote – besides freeing up 15bhp and weighing 12kg less than the original set.

Thankfully, not much was done to the Gallardo’s outer skin. The LP600/4 gets elaborate 19-inch three-piece wheels (with 39 stainless steel screws) plus a new front spoiler lip.