Fuel Wallet GaugeFrom tomorrow onwards, cars with foreign plates will only be able to refuel a maximum of 20 litres of fuel within a 50km radius from Malaysia’s borders. In the Peninsular of Malaysia, that means south in Johor and up north bordering Thailand.

First of all – I don’t think this is a big issue for the owners of foreign cars. Unless there is some way to mark that a car has already filled up his 20 litres of fuel for the trip, the car owner can just drop by multiple petrol stations and get his multiple 20 litres of fuel into his tank. Just a minor inconvenience.

Apparently there are also some reports that suggest that Singaporean cars will only be able to leave Johor with 20 litres of fuel! I’m really not sure if this is just a misunderstanding on what the minister/ministry meant as it’s quite ridiculous for cars who already leave Singapore with a three-quarter tank as required by the law to have to abide by the 20 litre rule as well.

Would the driver have to drive around aimlessly to burn off the excess fuel or have the fuel siphoned out of the cars? And then what, throw the fuel away? And what about the manpower needed to check each car – wouldn’t that cause extra congestion?

The intention is good though. Implementation needs to be finetuned.