The BMW X6 M carries many ‘firsts’ for a BMW M car. It’s the first M car with all-wheel drive, the first M car with a torque converter automatic and also the first M car with a turbocharged engine! And it’s also happens to be the first BMW to be launched this year, so we should see a few 555 horsepower behemoths roaming Malaysian roads and giving chase to Cayenne Turbos soon.

The X6 M is of course immediately identifiable by its different looks compared to the regular X6 which happens to be quite popular in Malaysia as well. The entire bodywork is body colour, losing the little grey bits at the lower part of the body that the regular X6 has. The rear of course has the trademark M quad exhaust pipes. Wheels are huge 20 inchers wrapped with 275/40R20 at the front and 315/35R20 at the rear – this baby’s front tyres are thicker than my E39’s rear tyres!

The price to own one of these? RM1,188,800, which is significantly more than a BMW M6, the most expensive M car in Malaysia so far.