Those brazen Somali pirates that terrorise the Gulf of Aden are at it again. This time a car shipment has been diverted to their den. Asian Glory, a ship operated by EUKOR Car Carriers Inc, was hijacked on Jan 1 while on its way to Saudi Arabia from Ulsan, according to statement today from South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritimes Affairs. The vessel was carrying 2,405 cars, including 2,388 from Hyundai and Kia, plus 25 crewmen. It was hijacked 1,000 km off Somalia’s coast.

“As soon as the vessel embarks, all risks related to the vessel are the responsibility of the distributor. All payments for the cars have been made, while the cars are also insured,” Hyundai said in an e-mailed response to queries.

After a spate of hijacks last year, some 20 warships from the EU, NATO and other countries patrol the Gulf of Aden, a major gateway that’s used by 30,000 ships a year carrying about a 10th of world trade. This latest case is among the first successful attacks on merchant ships in the area since July 2009. The Somali pirates, who received successive multi-million dollar ransoms last year, currently hold at least 12 vessels.

The pirate boss must have really wanted a Genesis Coupe!