McLaren MP4-12C

We know what McLaren’s new MP4-12C sports car looks like already but in reality the car is actually pretty much still under development. McLaren says it has begun testing the latest Experimental Prototype (XP) version of the car at various test locations around the world, including the IDIADA facility in Spain. IDIADA should be a familiar name to some of you – it was IDIADA’s crash test facilities that Proton used to ensure the Proton Exora had good crash safety.

In the video below, you can watch the XP8 and XP10 in action. They are the names for two of the “XP Beta phase” prototypes. They are wrapped with black matte vinyl. Differences from the initial “XP phase” cars from last year include a revised M838T turbo engine, a transmission with revised gear ratios, a more efficient cooling package, new and improved suspension geometry, and an upgrade electrical system.

Watch the video below, which explains better what the differences are between prototypes of different stages. You also get to hear how the new McLaren turbo engine sounds like in the MP4-12C!