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Proton and Giugiaro has put up a website over at protonconcepts.com, showing the new Proton Concept Car along with a countdown clock (about over 5 days to go) and a simple question – would you like this to be the future of Proton?

Needless to say, right now the vote count is about 99% in favor of “Yes”. at time of publishing. But it made me wonder – the website is called Proton Concepts, and that’s plural. So there must be more than one concept right?

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Autocar once again has the scoop on Proton’s Geneva concept and now we know that there are actually at least two body variants. One is the silver 5-door that we’ve previously seen, and another is this maize-ish yellow 3-door version with SUV styling.

The one with the SUV styling has no B-pillar, has a thicker C-pillar and features some kind of roof mounting device. The alloy wheel design is also different. We also get to see the rear end of the concept cars for the first time. The photos appear to be Italdesign Giugiaro press material but I can’t find it anywhere else on the internet.

According to Autocar, the SUV-styled version has increased ground clearance, and it can accomodate 5 instead of just 4 thanks to the interior space saved by the omission of a B-pillar. The image above refers to Giugiaro demonstrating that the Proton Concept has the interior space of a C/D/SUV segment vehicle, without the larger luggage space of the SUV of course, we are talking about interior space.

Look after the jump for one more photo showing seat hip point.