Mercedes-Benz has some seriously big plans for its next generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class. The tallish “mini MPV” front wheel drive B-Class is set to get a high performance AMG version with a tuned up four cylinder engine! There are of course many other pocket rockets in its segment such as the 135i, the Audi S3 and the Volkswagen Golf R, but the B-Class is the only ‘tall’ competitor.

Perhaps what AMG will do is slice its new 5.5 litre V8 bi-turbo in half and perhaps destroke it to get a nice turbocharged 2.8 litre engine. Right now the most powerful petrol-powered current generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class is the B200 Turbo, which makes 193 horsepower and 280Nm of torque which is just about near Golf GTI standards. Or a Brabus version will bump power up to 223 horses and 310Nm. A Brabus tuned up B200 CDI diesel will do 190 horses and 350Nm of torque.

Is there a market for a really fast B-Class? Is there is, you can be sure we’ll see a Volkswagen Golf Plus GTI accompanying the Golf GTI in the next generation! Whatever it is, the car is supposed to be released after the next generation B-Class’s debut in 2011.