Proton Exora

I came across this interesting project by Proton while surfing some forum threads on the Cari Chinese forums which had referred to my blog. Exora My Unbeatable Family is a family reality challenge TV series promoted and organized by Proton Edar Sdn Bhd. It will run beginning the month of May 2010. Any Malaysian who can speak Mandarin can join, but you have to join as a family that consists of no less than 5 family members aged between 18 to 50. The Program will feature families competing in weekly challenges involving the Proton Exora. During the weekly episodes, families that fail to complete the challenges will be eliminated.

Proton ExoraBefore anyone gets outraged about the Mandarin speaking requirement, the show will be aired on 8TV and it will be done in Mandarin thus the need to be able to speak and understand Mandarin. You don’t have to be Chinese to enter though – there are a lot of non-Chinese who can speak Mandarin these days, as well as a lot of Chinese who cannot speak Mandarin!

The grand prize winner will win a Proton Exora H-Line while 2nd place and third place winners will get RM5,000 and RM3,000 respectively. There will be a total of 6 families ultimately chosen for the TV show so the remaining three participating families will get RM1,000 each.

If you would check the show out, it will be aired every Sunday on 8TV from May 2010 onwards. It will consist of 7 episodes of which 6 are half an hour slots while the final episode is a 1 hour finale where only the finalist 3 families will be featured. More info about the show including a trailer video can be checked out at ProtonExora.TV