Youngman Europestar launched a new car at Auto China 2010, engineered by Lotus for the Chinese company. The previously launched RCR (GEN2) and Jingyue (Persona) have been renamed the Lotus L3 5-door and 4-door respectively, while this new model has been christened the “Europestar Lotus L5”.

From the naming scheme I’m assuming that this is a car that’s larger than the Persona and GEN2. There’s not much information about the car online at the moment but a peek at the interior reveals that the dashboard is unique but does resemble the Exora’s a little especially in the upper half of the dashboard.

I can’t find information on dimensions anywhere but Europestar’s website says this car marks Europestar’s jump from the A segment to the B segment (vehicle segmentation in China is named differently). The L5 is available in both 5-door hatch and 4-door sedan form and is powered by the Campro CPS engine.

Youngman also unveiled that an L6 and L7 is in the making. Future models will include more sedans as well as SUV and MPV models. Source

Look after the jump for more pix of the new Lotus L5.

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