Other than the new Verna, Hyundai has a few other interesting announcements made at Auto China 2010. First is a new 1.6 litre engine packed full with tech such as direct injection, dual continuously variable valve timing, and a variable induction system.

Everything is in including efficiency tech such as CrN Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating, Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating and water jacket inserts to enable a stable temp balance between the upper and lower blocks. The only thing missing is turbocharging. But thanks to all of this technology the engine manages to make 140 PS (138 horsepower) while keeping to the latest emission standards. That’s just about 22 horses short of 100 horsepower per litre of displacement.

Next is a direct injection version of its Lambda V6 engine of 3.3 litre displacement – as a result peak output is 300 PS (296 hp), also from a normally aspirated engine. GDI will later also be added to the 3.8 litre Lambda model. Hyundai also reveals that it will be adding a third variant to the Lambda family – not sure if it will be smaller than 3.3 litres or larger than 3.8 litres. Hyundai also displayed a self-developed 8-speed automatic transmission.

Look after the jump for a video presentation of the new 1.6L GDI.