SRG Global Inc, a supplier of chrome-plated plastic parts, has developed a prototype louvered grille for General Motors aimed at improving the efficiency of the automaker’s full-size pickup trucks. Stringent US emissions and fuel economy regulations are looming, and the behemoths aren’t exempted.

Grilles that can open and close aren’t new. Some cars already have such a feature, although it is a secondary part, mounted behind the grille. “We’re trying to find a way to do it more efficiently, less expensively, as an integrated part,” said Jon DeGaynor, SRG’s VP of business development and strategy.

The active louvers are connected to the engine control module, opening and closing per engine temperature. Shutting off airflow not only reduces drag and fuel consumption, it allows the engine to heat up faster, emitting less CO2 in the process.

“What we heard is that GM is moving 100% of their vehicles to louvered grilles,” DeGaynor was quoted by Ward’s Auto as saying.