An official teaser has been released by BMW Netherlands for the new X3 which is expected to be showcased at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. What you do get is a glimpse of the bonnet and the rear light clusters, which feature a familiar X3 shape, BMW’s trademark LED bars and a white stripe crossing it.

There are also pictures of some of the designers working on the clay model with Dutch quotes on the brochure pictures. Apparently it reads: “X3 was done in DesignWorks California, the interior was done in Munich. The reason why the evolutionary appearance was chosen is because customers like the taut, tough styling of the E83 X3.

“E83 X3 had brought customers to the BMW brand for the first time it was also a vehicle that spread out the BMW brand as a new Lifestyle orientated segment which in turn brought a large majority of new customers to the BMW brand. A feat the recently launched X1 has now repeated.

“Typically it is recognisable as an X3, but it is underneath the surface where you will see and experience the changes, The whole second generation has come about by “reverse engineering” the E83 , we knew what the consumer liked and what they didn’t like so they set about refining the pluses whilst reworking and refining the minuses.

“Overall when you get to see the whole X line up altogether as you will soon, you will see how each demonstrate their own character , differ in dimensions and offer a choice for whatever your requirements need be.”

With this, we know that the X3 is coming really soon. More pictures after the jump.

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