You’re looking at a 14,000 horsepower yacht that breaks speeds of over 50 knots, and all this power is housed in a sleek futuristic exterior. Called 122 by its maker Strand Craft, this concept yacht comes with a supercar. Not just any off the shelf fast car, but a handcrafted 880 bhp twin-turbo V12 powered machine. No idea on the origins of this car, but it’s said to have a top speed of 375 km/h and can be kept in the stern garage of the yacht. Just a flight of fancy perhaps?

The luxury yacht is 38 metres long and has an Art Deco interior that can be personalised to the owner’s wishes. Inside, there are four double staterooms, reception, salon and crew cabins. Each room is equipped with a 52″ LED TV along with Bang & Olufson sound systems.

No hint of the price given, but as they say, if you need to ask, you probably can’t afford it! Gallery after the jump.

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