Audi has released the V8 version of the R8 Spyder which now completes the model line-up, for now. The drop top R8 was previously only available with the V10 that tops the V8 by about 130 horses. Powering the car will be a tuned up version of the standard 4.2 FSI engine which now produces 430hp and 430Nm of torque, which was previously 414hp in the coupe. This tuned up V8 is mated to the standard six-speed manual gearbox or the optional R-Tronic semi-automatic gearbox.

The car will also feature Audi’s standard Quattro all-wheel drive as per the coupe, along with the option of the Audi magnetic ride adaptive damping. This uses a magnetic field in the hydraulic shocks that adjusts according to the road surface and driving style within milliseconds. A much needed option in pothole ridden roads such as ones seen in Malaysia.

Of course after all said and done, the highlight of this car is the open top fabric roof, the main reason why one would buy a Spyder of the regular coupe. Weighing in at only 42kgs, the setup takes only 19 seconds to fold and unfold out of the storage compartment over the engine, while structural rigidity problems are solved by specially reinforcing the sills, the centre tunnel, the rear bulkhead, the floor and both the A and B pillars.

All of this takes up extra weight, which explains why Audi tuned up the V8 for Spyder. The reinforcements have added 216 kilograms to the total weight of the car which now stands at 1,735 kilograms (including the driver) compared to the coupe which comes in at 1,560kg. Making its appearance in the European market in the third quarter of 2010, the V8 Spyder will come in at a base price of €121,000. Audi has yet to release pictures of the V8 variant but have included these power figures and schematic drawings of the R8, which can be viewed after the jump.

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