Audi have launched a dedicated site for what appears to be the Audi A7 with a rotating sketch of the coupe-like design. The website is in Dutch and is part of Audi Netherlands, but no doubt the scrawling on the website highlights features of the new model without giving too much away. The Sportsback Concept was previewed at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2009 and featured a 3.0 litre TDI V6 that produces an amazing 225hp along with 550Nm of torque. The A7 is inspired by this particular concept.

The strange thing is, the sketching looks bulkier than the Detroit concept. It seems to look more like a SUV than a Sportsback while the front looks like an Audi Q7 at some angles. Could be just an illusion as the the A7 doesn’t have a “Q” in its name.

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