Jaguar XF Estate

Tata owned Jaguar Land Rover will be breaking into new market segments with the introduction of new models within the coming years, according to Tata Motor’s CEO Carl-Peter Forster who told Automobilwoche that to effectively compete with other luxury makes; they would have to bring out smaller sedans for the global market.

In that respect, we could be seeing a sedan model that will sit below the XF in the next few years, which could feature similar technologies seen in the new XF and XJ. This would be the successor to the Jaguar X-Type. Apart from that, there has also been reports that Jaguar has OK’d the production of the XE which is a XK based competitor of entry level sports cars like Porsche’s Boxster.

Apart from a sports car and a 3-Series competitor, Forster confirmed that it will also be releasing a long wheelbase version of the XF for the Chinese market and a wagon version of the XF (see artist’s impression). Tata are clearly trying to compete with certain German luxury brands that have a large chunk of the market share.

There are even rumours that JLR and Tata Motors may work together on the development of engines. One Tata source confirmed that they are looking into all options which include this one, to cut costs by synergising both company’s development processes.

“It is an exercise, a co-operation to be undertaken, we don’t know a date to announce – it is an exercise to explore Jaguar development of engines. [There are] no particular models so far,” said a Tata spokesmen about the matter. Tata bought JLR from Ford two years ago for $2.3 billion and if the deal goes through, it will be the first time the two have joined hands in a development process of any kind.