Naza World will be having an ‘Upgrade Promo’ during the weekend of August 6th to August 8th 2010 from 9am to 7pm at all Naza World branches throughout the country, with the biggest of all being of course the Naza PJ Automall by the Federal Highway.

No, Naza isn’t going into aftermarket upgrades in a big way – that’s not what Upgrade Promo means. It probably means it’s time to ‘upgrade’ your car in time for the Ramadhan balk kampung season with special discounts during the weekend. Last I heard that there’s the latest generation Ford Focus RS for sale at a price tag of over RM300,000.

Dato Hj SM Faisal will be donating RM500 out of his personal coffers to five charitable causes for each car sold during the Ramadhan month. As Naza expects to sell 500 cars during the Ramadhan month, this will hopefully amount to RM250,000 of donation.