The Lamborghini Reventon is a supercar that is out of reach for most of the population, with a price tag of $1,271,405. It’s only for the very privileged few. For the rest of us, perhaps we can settle for this 1:10 scale replica remote control car of the Reventon.

De Agostini will build the pint-sized car components and in true Reventon style, it will be limited to only 65 units. A detailed model, the car will run on a two-stroke 3cc petrol engine, with a two-speed transmission. Staying true to its brand, it will sport permanent four-wheel drive, while also employing independent suspension, hydraulic shocks and disc brakes. This is said to give it optimum road holding abilities.

The company making the car is selling it as part of a model making subscription with the first issue costing 2.99 Euros and 7.99 for the subsequent issues, so it’s not going to be too expensive if it comes out every week. The bad news is that it’s unlikely they will deliver to Malaysia. A picture gallery is available after the jump.

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