The lady may not be very happy with your obsession with “the other woman” in your life – the car – but here’s something that could potentially make her turn green with envy. Carlashes are fake eyelashes for the eyes of your car (the headlamps of course) that’s sure to beat her natural lashes in volume and length!

Carlashes is easy to install and is attached to either the underside of the bonnet on the top border of the headlamp. There’s a “flexible style” carlash for oval or round lights. The $24.99 product sticks to the car via strong 3M double sided trim tape.

“I may be old and rusty, but I still want to look pretty!”

For full effect, Utah based Turbo Style Products recommend that you put on eyeliner as well! The jewel like $19.99 Crystal Eyeliner adds some bling and sits on the top edge of the eyelashes.

Although a car’s front design is often seen as its face, and many men refer to their ride as female (some give theirs sexy names too), we don’t see too many blokes rushing out to get this enhancement for their car, which should spare the lady (the real one!) some stress.