Ferrari is not about to miss out on the action in Paris. The company has released initial images that depict the SA APERTA 599 roadster, which is pretty much a drop-top version of the 599. The limited edition roadster is motivated by the familiar 6.0 litre mouth-watering V12 engine that pumps out 661hp and 620Nm of torque. This is the same engine used in the 599 GTO.

Only 80 units of the roadster will be put into production and rumor has it that all 80 have been pre-sold. Why 80 units you might ask? Well thats because this car pays tribute to Ferrari’s favorite designer Pininfarina. It is Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary and the “SA” designation pays homage to both Sergio Pininfarina and son Andrea who passed away in 2008 following an accident while riding a Vespa.

The SA APERTA uses a removable light soft top “designed to be resorted to only if the weather gets particularly bad”. Other features include a low-slung windscreen, two roll bars that mimic the outline of the seats as well as a stiffened chassis. Ferrari also said that the SA APERTA has a “negligible weight difference” compared to the hard top 599. More details and images will be released once the roadster hits the stands at the Paris Motor Show.

You can view high-res initial images after the jump.

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