SEAT’s Paris 2010 show car is a new iteration of the SEAT IBE Concept, an electric “sports coupe” (more like a hatchback to me – SEAT’s very own Scirocco?). The IBE was first shown in Geneva earlier this year, and this is a revised version.

It’s compact 2+2 seater at only 3,830mm long, and wide at 1,7700mm wide and 1,230mm tall. It’s electric motors makes 75 kW peak, or 102 PS and 200Nm for those who prefer to speak in horses. Continuous output ability is lower at 50kW or 68 PS. 0 to 50km/h takes 3.6 seconds, and going up to a ‘safe’ cruise speed of 80km/h is reached in 6.6 seconds. Progress up to the benchmark 100km/h speed takes a total of 9.7 seconds, which is not blazing fast but it isn’t really a slowpoke either.

One of the new highlights to the IBE Concept with this Paris version is the new smart phone interface, where a wireless app such as an iPhone app can connect to the car’s systems and conduct an online check including its battery and trip computer display. It also has multimedia capabilities, allowing an album or a song to be selected rom the smart phone and played through the car’s sound system by pressing the ‘drag to car’ option.

Look after the jump for images of the IBE Concept.

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