suzy swift

Here we go yet again. Suzuki announced late last week that it is recalling a total of 90,617 units of its Swift hatchback in Japan to fix a problem with the cars’ door mirrors. A further 192,000 vehicles sold globally are also possibly subject to repairs (might the cars sold here be on the list, one wonders?)

Suzuki said that over time, vehicle vibration could loosen the screws used to secure the door mirrors, causing them to dislodge or fall off. The rectification work involves using adhesive to further secure the screws. Thus far, 77 complaints regarding the defect have been reported in Japan, but there have been no accidents due to it.

The recall, which began last weekend, applies to Swifts produced between May 2007 and September 2009. It also affects 19,426 vehicles sold in Japan manufactured by Suzuki for sale by Nissan, these being the MR Wagon, Cervo and Moco.