The arrival of the Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup to our shores is a godsend for car enthusiasts. No longer based on the five-door body with two doors lopped off, the new Megane RS looks spectacular and perfects the great formula of the previous gen R26 – turbocharged punch, Cup chassis, mechanical LSD and real world usability. And priced at RM229,800, it’s relative good value for what’s on offer.

Before the launch, we showed you a teaser video of the Megane taking on Sepang and setting a lap time of 2:43.02 in the hands of race driver Denis Lian. Now, Renault has released the full video of the RS on track, complete with the Singaporean ace driver’s comments. Apparently, they finished one and a half fuel tanks of petrol in that track session with no issues, proving Renault’s claims that the RS is a good track weapon.

“This car really took me by surprise. The amount of mid corner grip it had and the adjustability of the chassis, ‘cos usually front engine cars are quite understeery and you can’t really adjust the chassis. This car, you come into the slow corners, you can trail brake in and the back end rotates, but it doesn’t snap out.

“It rotates, it tightens the line and you can power through very very easily even on the exit – there’s so much grip,” the ex-A1GP driver said.

“And it’s not just the speed, it was fun to drive, that’s the main thing. The chassis was so fun to play with, which is very unexpected in a front wheel drive car. As a track day tool, look at me, I had a ball of a time,” Denis concludes. I’ve had the honour to be ferried by Denis in an Elise before, and trust me, this guy knows what having fun in a car is really about!

Watch out for a test drive report that’s coming your way soon!