kia ebay

In the US, Kia Motors has begun selling new vehicles through eBay, making it the first major automaker to do so. Through its online store, customers can search and shop through the new Kia vehicle inventory across all participating dealers and make offers online through eBay’s “Best Offer” option.

Now, from the comfort of their own home environment, consumers can have a convenient shopping experience deciding what they want from the brand’s lineup. More than 345 Kia dealers in the US have signed up to list their entire stock of new Kia vehicle inventory online.

The stats say this trend is on the upswing – J.D. Power and Associates says that Internet auto shoppers are up 17% in 2010, and 79% of all auto shoppers source third-party websites such as eBay Motors before making a purchase.

Naturally, the assumption is that the consumer still goes to the showroom once he/she has decided on a model to ascertain that it’s the right choice. But one wonders if in the future, there’d be anyone who’d buy a new car without seeing or touching it in the metal first; no test drive, no walkabout, just select, order, pay and the car gets delivered to you. It’ll take a lot of bravado to do so. Intriguing, to say the least.