nissan gtr

A MY2011 Nissan GT-R has set a new acceleration benchmark for the vehicle, with a standard production DBA-R35 taking just 3.046 seconds to get to 100 kph from a standing start on the main straight at the Sendai Highland raceway in Japan.

The event, held last month, was witnessed by a group of Japanese journalists and recorded by a V-Box measuring device, and Nissan engineers said the time would have been even faster had the road temperature been higher than the 13 degrees Celsius on the test day in Japan. Nissan chief vehicle engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno, the R35’s Godfather, told journalists that with warmer track temperatures “the GT-R will reach the world of two seconds!”

Now, a search for the fastest production cars on the planet might have you thinking the same GT-R clocked that run in 2.9 secs, but that time is actually the 0-60 mph measurement, which is just a range shorter than the 0-100 kph (effectively, 0-62 mph) one being bandied about by Nissan.

Whatever the case may be, both times place the current R35 as the 13th fastest production car, and though the new sprint time was achieved with the car in R-Mode, journalists at the Highland Raceway test were still able to achieve 3.1 seconds for the 0-100 kph dash in the car’s less aggressive A-Mode. Which still puts it right alongside the Koenigsegg CCXR and Ferrari 430 Scuderia, number 14 and 15 on the list …