The Honda CR-Z, which is presently hybrid only, will get a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which could spawn a Type R variant, UK’s Autocar reports. Citing sources in Japan, the report says that the 1.6-litre turbo is currently undergoing development at Honda’s Tochigi R&D facility.

To also find its way into the Jazz, Civic and Accord, this i-VTEC turbo unit is part of Honda’s downsizing program, and will push out 2.0L performance from just 1.6 litres. There will be two versions – a 160 hp unit and a 200 hp version that’s set to carry the legacy of the Civic Type R’s K20A. The latter will motivate the “CR-Z Type R” that could debut late next year.

The idea isn’t new. The image above is of Honda’s CR-Z Hybrid R concept from this year’s SEMA show. It had a turbo alongside the 1.5-litre hybrid powerplant for 200 hp and 238 Nm of torque, plus red hot body styling.

After repeatedly being bombarded with sad news on Type R deaths recently, enthusiasts who feared the extinction of sporty Hondas finally have something to cheer about. Gallery of the Hybrid R concept is after the jump.

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