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It does get convoluted with doors, sometimes, what with two-, three-, four- and five-doors to contend with, mentally speaking. You can imagine a coupe or hatch for the first two designations, a sedan for the third and a hatch for the last.

Now, if you were told that the Hyundai Veloster Coupe, which is set for its world premiere next week in Detroit, has three doors, or four if you will (see, it gets confusing), what would you imagine?

Not quite what you would, really, because the Veloster isn’t exactly quite shaped up like the 2007 HND-3 Concept, even if it does retain the name, which is an amalgamation of velocity and roadster.

This one features two doors on the passenger side and a single, larger door on the driver’s side. A bit like the Clubman, but this one is a full-sized offering, which translates to far easier ingress/egress for the rear occupants even with right-hand drive compared to the Mini. A large tail gate makes it four doors, if you want to be sticky about designation.

No details have been announced, aside from the teaser photo released by Hyundai, though reports are that the car will come wearing a 1.6 litre direct-injection four-cylinder pot and a dual-clutch tranny. More to come next week when the Veloster arrives.